How we do it

The Specialist’s Report

On completion of the examination the specialist will sit down with you and explain in a clear and concise manner what the problem is. If an underlying condition is identified for which treatment is appropriate this will be explained to you together with the likely outcome of such treatment. Any questions you may have will be answered at this stage, and consenting treatment will follow shortly afterwards. It is not uncommon for this to happen on the same day.

The Examination

Having completed your initial case history the specialist will proceed to examine the problem area in question to either rule out or confirm any initial suspicions as to the reason behind your symptoms. The examination will primarily focus on the neuromusculoskeletal system, to check the state of your nerves, muscles and joints in the problem area. Intimate areas will not be examined, and prior permission for the specialist to examine you will be required in the form of a signature.

The Treatment

The actual course and length of treatment will largely depend on the location and severity of the problem. It will typically involve the use of manipulation, and sometimes spinal acupuncture will be required to help alleviate symptoms and realign the spine and joints. Muscles, although not always directly related to the cause of any problems you are suffering from are often treated with the use of massage, mobilization and stretching. Such treatments often help to settle any ongoing conditions. Ice or heat treatments, together with particular exercises aimed specifically at one part of the body may also form part of the treatment plan, and it may be necessary to continue these in the privacy of your house to expedite the healing process.

Initial Consultation

On first arriving at the clinic you will be met by the specialist and asked to fill in a form that will give an initial picture of the problem(s) that you are encountering. Once the form has been completed, further questions will be asked in order to pinpoint the nature of your condition. The unique quality about the specialist’s treatment is that she can offer couples therapy which allows both parties to learn how to treat one another and assist in the healing process, as well as individual therapy.